First – You can search by CATEGORY or SUB-CATEGORY. For example, you can search for the category “restaurants” to see all of them, or you can get more specific by selecting a subcategory such as “seafood.” Searching by category is optional. Just leave it blank to see all.


Next – You can search for businesses that are hiring (Premium Business Member feature). You can select a combination of CATEGORY and HIRING to find all RESTAURANTS that are hiring, for example.


You can also use the SEARCH FOR box to find a specific business by name – just begin typing the name of the business. You can also search by tags (and hashtags – #) to narrow your search. Businesses can add any tag they wish, so you are not limited to what’s on the list. For example, if you’re looking for a business that sells a specific brand of products, try entering the brand in the search box.  (Premium Business Members can choose an unlimited number of tags).


The NEAR feature allows you to choose a city. If you want to search closest to where you are currently located, select NEAR: MY LOCATION. You can also specify a radius search by distance (such as within 10 miles) by clicking on the gear button.


Use as many of the selection boxes as you choose to narrow your search.

Yes! Just click on the gear (settings) button on the Search bar. A drop-down menu will appear where you can select from a variety of distances – from a 5-mile radius of your current location, up to 50 miles.

Our goal is to be better!

First – we never track what you’re searching for – so you can search without worrying about getting bombarded with ads that follow you all around the web!

Next, we’ve combined some of the best features of other sites into one easy-to-use site.

  • Search for businesses and events by name or category
  • Search using hashtags (#), such as
    • #DogFriendly
    • #FamilyOriented
    • #OpenSaturday
    • #Beer
    • #SeniorDiscounts
    • #LiveMusic
    • #WomenOwned
    • #MinorityOwned
    • SEE THE LIST for suggestions
  • Get directions with one click
  • Call with one click
  • Find job postings
      • find all or by business category
      • by location/distance
  • Find Special Offers
      • find all or by category
      • by location/distance
  • Find local events
  • Sign up for rewards, prizes and contests

We provide a variety of incentives for people to visit our site – not just to find a single business. For example, someone may visit our site looking for a Special Offer because of an ad we posted. While using the site, they’ll discover a dentist, plumber or another service provider. 

We also aim to give you many of the tools that you would have to pay for on separate sites all in one place. For example, you can:

  • post an event, such as a Grand Opening,  live entertainment, etc. Even paid (revenue-generating) events like seminars!
    (instead of posting to a local events calendar site)
  • post a job opening
    (instead of paying for a job posting on another site – or as a way to drive additional traffic to your job posting without paying for boosting it on the other site)
  • include your YouTube video on your business page. 
    (instead of paying to advertise your YouTube channel or video)
  • advertise a Special Offer to draw in new customers
    (instead of running a Groupon promotion or through a paid ad on social media)
  • tell your business’s unique story, along with photos
    (giving more details than they’ll find doing a Google business search)

And, of course, we NEVER ask you to pay extra for all the “extras” we provide. Once you’re a Premium Business Member, you have full access to all our featured benefits…all for just $20/month!

Choosing the Annual Membership plan saves you an additional $40/year (averages out to less than $17/month).

Yes! A Verified Member ($1 fraud prevention activation fee) can add as many Free Business Listings and Events as you want.


A Premium Business Member is limited to one Premium Business Listing and an unlimited number of Events and Special Offers. In order to also add Free Business Listings, you would need a separate account (Verified Member level).

Special Offers are among the many benefits available only to Premium Business Members. To see all the features, visit our Small Business Owners page.

Please visit the Membership Options page for the details of what’s included on each.

Searching for businesses, events and special offers on is free to use.

Creating an account so you can save favorites, write reviews, share with your friends, etc. is also free.

Those who would like to add business listings are required to pay a $1 fraud-prevention fee, which allows you to add an unlimited number of Free business listings.

Businesses who would like to upgrade to a more detailed PREMIUM listing should consider one of our Premium Business Memberships.

Be sure to check out our Membership Options page for complete details.


These days, it’s easy to get a free email account in a matter of minutes.

Before allowing someone to list a business or an event, we owe it to our small businesses and our web site visitors to ensure that the person who created the listing or event is a “real” person – not just someone hiding behind an anonymous email account. The best way to do that is through a small one-time charge.

Once your account is verified, you can create an unlimited number of business listings and social, community, non-profit or civic events at no additional charge. 

Anyone may list a business on For that reason, we are not able to provide any types of guarantees or certifications. As always, you should do your due diligence before hiring a professional, etc.

Yes! ILikeSmallBiz is integrated with Google Maps, Just click DIRECTIONS on any business listing.

Not yet – but we’re working on it!

Be sure to check out our Affiliate Program if you’re interested in a work-from-anywhere position. That’s available (at no cost) right now!

Earning a recurring income is as simple as referring others to (using your Affiliate link).

Just like Yelp!, Google and many other sites, we don’t require a business’s permission in order to be listed. We do this because the more businesses there are, the more useful the site becomes.

With that said, however, we would recommend that you discuss it with the business owner before listing personal service providers. This is ESPECIALLY true if it is a home-based business. Please DO NOT list a business owner’s home address.

First, you’ll need to sign up using the appropriate Membership level. See our MEMBERSHIP OPTIONS page for details.

Then, simply log in and click the ADD A BUSINESS button or the ADD EVENT button (available as a drop-down from EVENTS button) on the menu bar at the top of the page. If you’re on a mobile device or tablet, the menu may appear as a “hamburger” ≡.

Be sure to include all the required fields (marked with an asterisk – *).

Be sure to read the notes under the Street Address box.

Often – the easiest way is to click on the icon that looks like a target (on the right hand side of the Address box. Google Maps will insert an address based on your current location). Then, simply edit the address as needed.

Ensure that you have the correct zip code, then click on the SET ADDRESS ON MAP (red) button. It should automatically insert the correct city.

We do not currently have any job openings – HOWEVER, we do offer an Affiliate Program that allows anyone to earn an unlimited income by helping us grow. Be sure to check out our AFFILIATE PROGRAM information for more details.