FINALLY! A super low-cost solution for small businesses to find new customers - and keep the current ones coming back! This is the perfect tool for post-pandemic recovery.

Why we like small business…Small Businesses are the backbone of the country.


Because of this,
without you – nearly half of the U.S. would be unemployed!

But 2020 has been particularly hard on small business. For most, forced shut-downs have resulted in no sales for weeks or months.

Even for businesses that have reopened, sales are down. This is because some customers became unemployed and others are staying at home.



More importantly – the true impact on the U.S. economy hasn’t even been fully realized yet! The rest of 2020 and well into 2021 is going to be a struggle for most.

As a result, we’re already seeing businesses that are shutting down for good.

But we’re also seeing misinformation saying businesses are permanently closed – when they’re really just shut down temporarily.

Above all, these false rumors could ruin a small business!

One thing is certainly true…MANY small businesses won’t survive 2020!


This could be disastrous for people all over the U.S.


Firstly – Thousands of business owners will lose their livelihood – along with their life savings.

Secondly – Hundreds of thousands of people will be forced out of a job.

Thirdly – The loss of tax revenue from these small businesses impacts everyone! Social services, critical infrastructure and the services necessary to keep our communities (and our entire country) running will be in jeopardy.


As a result – with the combined impact on businesses all across the country – it could take years for our economy to recover.

If small businesses don’t survive and thrive – our communities and our country fail along with them.

We can’t let this happen!

The GOOD news is that small businesses can not only survive – they can THRIVE in any market…if they have 3 things:

  1. Businesses need a steady stream of new customers/clients
  2. You need past customers to come back if they’ve been away for a while
  3. Additionally, you need your existing customers to visit often – and to refer you to their friends was created to specifically address all 3 of these crucial small business needs.

Our ONLY goal is to get our small businesses back up and running quickly – so you’re providing the necessary services and jobs our country needs.

How we help small businesses…

We attract customers


Our role is to attract people to our site every single day – all day long. By combining small fees we get from hundreds of businesses, we can do things you can’t do on your own unless you spend thousands. We can do more advertising, and we can host contests and give away prizes. For us, it’s all about attracting their attention.


Then, we tell them all about YOUR BUSINESS and send them to you!

We do what you shouldn’t be doing

As a small business owner, we know that your focus needs to be on running your business…not trying to become a marketing expert. Let us handle the bulk of that for you.

After all, do you really want to learn about target-marketing techniques? Are you skilled in Geo-Targeted Marketing? Do you know how to utilize Remarketing? Can you reach In-Market Audiences and Affinity Audiences? How strong are your skills with Long-Tail Keyword Strategies, Campaign Optimization, SEO and Analytics?

We do all of these things so you can spend your time on your business instead. Tap into our technology and resources to promote your business all over the web.

We can spend more on marketing so you don’t have to

We combine monthly membership fees from many different types of businesses and use that money to promote all of them in multiple ways. For just $20 you receive the benefit of thousands of dollars in marketing spend.

Shouldn’t you be spending your money on your business, rather than spending it on marketing and advertising?

We generate customers for you – and we provide incentives for others to spread the word! We do this because we know that VIRAL CONTENT is at least 10x more effective than an ad.

We keep in touch with your customers weekly – sending them special offers, reminders, even opportunities to win cash and prizes

Are you able to consistently connect with your customers and prospects?

More importantly – are you staying top-of-mind with them? makes engaging fun and rewarding for your customers so they have incentives to stay tuned-in. Above all, we don’t sell them anything so they are less likely to tune us out.

We’re here to serve YOU by giving THEM what they want!




    • we provide detailed information about your business
      (unlike typical review sites where others are in control of what’s said about you, we let you tell your whole story and talk about what you do best!)
    • we promote contests and drawings to win prizes
      (to keep users coming back to so we can then send them to your business)
    • we showcase discounts on products and services
      (yours as well as other small businesses)
    • we offer incentives to share their favorite businesses with their friends and family – you can offer them on our site, too!
      (resulting in new customers for you)
    • we give users the ability to post reviews on their favorites, so they can help you stay in business by recommending you to others
      (more new customers for you)
    • we help them find information about local events – and post their own
      (keeps them engaged and makes them come back often)
    • we give them the ability to save a list of their favorite businesses so they can access it quickly and you remain top-of-mind
      (repeat business for you)
    • we help them find a job through the Job Postings feature
      (and you can find great employees!)
    • we offer contests and prizes to keep them engaged

The best part is that you can showcase your business AT NO COST – or pay a small fee for additional features to drive even more customers to your business

(*hint...we made the Premium product so ridiculously inexpensive that it's a no-brainer!)conte

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