We are currently looking for Affiliates who want to make anywhere from a few hundred dollars a month extra income to $100,00 per year or more. Work from home...work from wherever you choose!

ILikeSmallBiz.com was founded for the express purpose of helping small business owners grow and thrive during the tough economic environment brought about in 2020. The site offers small businesses the opportunity to:

✔ attract new customers
✔ bring existing customers back in after being shutdown for months
✔ bring them in more often
✔ promote special offers
✔ post jobs
✔ tell their “story” – what makes them special, what they have to offer, etc.
✔ encourage customers to spread the word about them to others

Trying to do this on their own could cost hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars every month.

This is such an important need. Many small businesses don’t have the luxury of sitting around waiting for business to return. They need our help NOW! That’s why ILikeSmallBiz.com is rewarding those who help grow our site by offering a 50% commission on sales of Premium Business Memberships. Each sale results in annual commissions of $100 or more recurring/residual income. That means you continue to get paid, even when you’re on vacation!

We’ve made it EXTREMELY affordable for small business owners to reap HUGE benefits – which means easy selling for you!

Benefits Of Being An Affiliate of ILikeSmallBiz.com

As an independent contractor, you work for yourself. What this means is:

    • You set your own hours.
      – Do a little each day to grow slowly, or go “all in” to build your income fast.
      – Take time off whenever you want. 
    • You determine your income.
      – There’s no limit on what you can make. 
    • You decide which methods and tools you use to grow your business.
      – online only through ads on social media and other sites;
      – via email;
      – via direct mail;
      – in person with business owners you already know;
      – through networking groups;
      – through personal relationships 
    • You decide which city(cities) to promote.
      – More cities = higher potential income (see the chart below). 
    • You enjoy Residual income
      – You do the work once – then reap the benefits for months (likely years) to come. 
    • You can “set it and forget it.”
      – We handle everything for you, but you’re free to keep in touch with the businesses you enroll if you wish.

What The Affiliate Program Entails & How It Works

Affiliates make money when businesses upgrade from the Free Business Listing to the Premium Business Listing.

There is no cost to become an Affiliate.

The program and all sales, commissions and reporting are handled by a third party provider –  iDevAffiliate.

To promote our Premium Business Program, affiliates send business owners to our Sales Page utilizing a special Affiliate Link that tracks the referral source (you). Even if they don’t upgrade right away, you will still get credit for the sale. 

    1. You do not need to apply to become an Affiliate.  We are currently welcoming everyone who wants to help grow our business.
    2. To become an affiliate – register for your free account at https://ilikesmallbiz.idevaffiliate.com/
       . .
    3. Once you have confirmed your account, just log in to the Affiliate Dashboard. This is where you will get your Affiliate link, track your sales and where you will find a link to our Affiliate Resources (sales materials, sample ads and emails, etc.)
    4. Follow all rules for promoting the product
      – i.e. no Unsolicited Commercial Email (UCE/SPAM). See the program’s guidelines for complete details on what’s permitted.

We Make Selling Easy

In order to encourage as many businesses as possible to choose to upgrade, we’ve included LOTS of Premium-Members-Only features and made it ridiculously inexpensive (only $20/month).

Our intent is to give as much value as we can possibly provide – at a price point that any business owner can afford. We figure that, if a business owner isn’t willing to spend $20 per month to promote their business, they probably shouldn’t be in business in the first place.


What this means for our Affiliates is that you should be able to scale your business easily and rapidly. You shouldn’t really have to “sell” them at all – you’re just offering them a great opportunity for a very small cost. For you, the money is in the volume you produce.

ILikeSmallBiz.com provides training and resources at no cost. That’s because we succeed when you succeed (and the businesses we help also succeed so it’s Win-Win-Win). 

We may also provide additional (optional) tools for a nominal fee to help recover our costs.

Income Potential

*[The FCC required disclaimer] ILikeSmallBiz.com provides no guarantees of income. Your income results rely solely on your efforts. You may make no money…in fact, you may lose money based on your expenditures (which are solely at your discretion).

With that said – SOME affiliates will make A LOT of money! That’s because we’re giving you 50% of the initial membership upgrade, then 45% of their monthly renewals – FOREVER!

Take a look at the chart below to see what’s possible. 

What Businesses To Target

Any small, local business that provides services directly to the general public is a good source.

Avoid chain stores/restaurants and fast-food franchises (i.e. McDonalds, Wendys, etc.) – we are focused on helping small local businesses, not big national brands.

Consider this partial list to help you get started (these are among the most popular):

  • Anyone that advertises in local mailers you receive
  • Anyone who runs a social media ad
  • Restaurants
  • Coffee Shops
  • Bars/Nightclubs
  • Personal Services
    • Hair Stylists 
    • Hair & Nail Salons
    • Massage Therapists
    • Chiropractors
    • Dentists
    • Personal Trainers
    • Gyms
  • Home Improvement Providers
    • Roofers
    • Plumbers
    • Carpenters
    • Heating/Air Conditioning
    • Electricians
    • Flooring companies
    • Painters
    • Architects
    • Interior Designers
    • Pool companies
  • Household Help
    • Cleaning/Maid services
    • Nannies
    • Carpet Cleaning 
    • Handyman services
    • Lawn/Landscaping services
    • Pool services
    • Pet sitting/dog walking
  • Real Estate Agents/Brokerages
  • Insurance Agents (personal, home & auto)
  • Attorneys
  • Accountants/Tax Planning
  • Financial Services
  • Veterinarians
  • Childcare Providers
  • Home Health agencies
  • Retail stores/boutiques
  • Grocers & Delis
  • Auto Detailers
  • Auto Repair 
  • Car Dealerships

The list is nearly endless! 

Ready to Get Started? Join the ILikeSmallBiz.com Affiliate ProgramToday

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